Introduction Introduction



        Thermoacoustic engine researchgroupwas founded in the 1990s by Prof. Ercang LUO. In 2014, there areeightstaffin the group, including two professors and three associate professors. And there are eleven graduate students, including six Ph.D. students. Research areas are mainly focused on kinds of thermoacoustic engines such as refrigerators, heatpumps,prime moversandgenerators. Basedon the investigation on thermoacousticconversionmechanismas well assound-electrical couplingmechanism in oscillatingflow, the research group is committed to develop areliable, environmentally friendlyway for efficientenergyutilization, especially in the fields of utilizing solar, biomass, industrialwaste heatandotherlow-gradeheat sources.

         The main research directions are as follows:

  • Theoretical research on nonlinear thermoacoustic conversion mechanism
  • Flow and heat transfer characteristic measurement in oscillating flow
  • High efficient refrigerators and pumps driven by thermoacoustic prime movers
  • Efficient pulse tube cryocoolers and pumps driven by linear compressor
  • High-frequencythermoacoustictechnology
  • Double-actinghigh-powerthermoacoustic engines